Friday, June 24, 2011

Sedikit Maklumat Berkenaan Kelayakan Olimpik Harimau Muda

For Information 12 teams qualified to Second Round
(Grouping Stage) for Olympic Games Qualifier Asian Zone.

Middle East Country
1. Qatar 2. Iraq 3. Bahrain 4. Syria 5. United Arab Emirates 6. Saudi Arabia 7. Oman

East Asia
8. Japan 9. South Korea

South Asia
10. Uzbekistan

South East Asia
11. Malaysia
12. Australia

Second round
Main article: 2012 AFC Men's Pre-Olympic Tournament Second Round
The 12 winners above from the first round will be drawn into 3 groups of 4. The winner of each group will advance to the Olympic Games while each runner-up will advance to the play-off round. The draw will be held at the AFC House on July 7.[5]

Matches are scheduled for 21 September 2011, 23 and 27 November 2011, 5 and 22 February 2012 and 14 March 2012.

Play-off round

The three runners-up from the second round groups will play each other at a neutral venue on 25, 27 and 29 March 2012. The winner of the group will advance to play the fourth-ranked CAF team in a play-off for a spot at the Olympic Games.

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